Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012

Some companies will use the Deeflexx on the MUSIKMESSE FRANKFURT to present their outstanding products with the best acoustic performance.

>>> Hall 4.0 B57 – Martin Miller – IQS Strings
>>> Hall 4.0 J37 – Tom Quayle – FIBENARE Guitars
>>> Hall 4.0 J44 – ENGL amps
>>> Hall 4.1 E37 – Richard Lundmark – LEQTIQUE Pedals

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Maik Keller & Deeflexx

Maik Keller, bass player of the German Deep Purple Tribute Band “Demon’s Eye” already played together with Jon Lord and Ian Paice (Deep Purple). Maik plays a vintage Ampeg SVT stack with 8×10 cabinet. Throughout the last couple of years he tried various positions and setups on stages with varying dimensions.
His sound is slightly [...]

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Sensational concert in Tyrol of Thomas Blug – BLUG PLAYS HENDRIX at the KuFa in Kufstein …

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Meeting with Peter Paul Skrepek

PETER PAUL SKREPEK has really appreciated the deeflexxed stage sound, up to 5 Deflection Systems are set up on stage …

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Deeflexx at Le Salon de la Belle Guitare – The Paris Guitar Show

DEEFLEXX SYSTEMS in operation at the unique guitar show LE SALON DE LA BELLE GUITARE in the heart of France …

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