Function and tips

> Beam vs Deeflexx
> Enhanced Zone
> Deeflexx – sound tuning
> Deeflexx and microphone





Shrill sound at knee height,
dull sound at ear height
Balanced sound everywhere



Shrill sound at knee height, dull sound sideward;
additional loss of bass punch by tilting / raising the cab
Transparent, pleasant sounding highs everywhere &
fat sound through bass-coupling effect of the floor



Dull sound close to the speaker

Clear, transparent sound – spherical radiation &
typical ENHANCED ZONE without red Diffuser



Dull sound at low volume or when playing solos

(e.g. H!1 EDITION & without additional Diffuser or AURA)
Clear sound at low level or when playing solos;
typical vertical ENHANCED ZONE without red Diffuser



Dull sound for fellow musicians (H!1 EDITION & additional Diffuser)
Clear sound for fellow musicians, good band feeling;
typical horizontal ENHANCED ZONE with red Diffuser



Guitar signal crosstalk into vocal microphone No Beam, minimal crosstalk
———————————————————————— ————————————————————————

Deeflexx – sound tuning

Scale on foot plate

Distance < = > Distance < ===== >
Warm sound Neutral sound
———————————————————————— ————————————————————————

Deeflexx and microphone

Some possible positions … … dynamic microphones, condenser microphones …


Deeflexx at Le Salon de la Belle Guitare – The Paris Guitar Show

DEEFLEXX SYSTEMS in operation at the unique guitar show LE SALON DE LA BELLE GUITARE in the heart of France …

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Microphone placement with Deeflexx at a concert

A constantly increasing number of guitarists and sound engineers use the Deeflexx for superb guitar sounds …

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Maik Keller & Deeflexx

Maik Keller, bass player of the German Deep Purple Tribute Band “Demon’s Eye” already played together with Jon Lord and Ian Paice (Deep Purple). Maik plays a vintage Ampeg SVT stack with 8×10 cabinet. Throughout the last couple of years he tried various positions and setups on stages with varying dimensions.
His sound is slightly [...]

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